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Words of Emotion

Journal #1

I kinda wanna start writing a journal, so that 5 months from now I can look back at all the days I had left and remember the times that I spent with everyone that I loved. Aaand just so that I could get shit off my chest. Cause honestly I don’t feel okay. So much is bugging me and I don’t know how to handle it. I wanna say something but I’d rather not. All I know is that, I was in love with this girl, and I still am. And I think about her all the time. I’m trying to move on, but it’s so fucking hard. We were so close from starting a life together. 5 months to be exact. And now it’s like us never existed. I know life goes on, but sometimes I wish I could just hit reply and do all the things I didn’t do. Or simply take back my mistakes. But there’s absolutely nothing in this world that can change the past, and it lw sucks.

Besides the bullshit.. I had to go and attend an actual class for the first time since graduation lmao. Had me bored as hell and I gotta do it till Friday but fuck it. It’ll give me something else to think about. I’m not gonna lie but I feel so gay for actually doing this. I’m literally ROFLMFAO. Reading these after I leave for the navy is gonna be cool thou. So fuck my haters. And fuck Carlos for telling me that we were going to the gym tonight but didn’t go. 

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I can relate to this

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